Fred Boyce 2016 Calendar

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Old Nevada Farm
Old Nevada Farm “SOLD”

The old farm captures the way of life now gone in the Washoe Valley

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Snowy Brook “SOLD” – 18×24

The only sound on this freezing winter night is the single song of the brook still moving merrily along.

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SOLD – Available as Giclee – Summers on the Nevada Farm Original – 12×16

Smell the alfalfa, hear the wind in the trees, feel the heat of the day, pause to enjoy summer. (This painting is done Acrylic on Canvas)

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SOLD – Available as Giclee – Truckee River Cliffs Original – 30×40

Towering, massive and strong enough to send the river another way.

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Spring Thaw “SOLD” – 24×48

Tired, old and worn land rests a few weeks longer under the blaniet given to her for the winter

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Too Soon “SOLD” – 24×48

No sweeter love than a hunter with his dog…no greater joy than starting the day together.

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