Original Paintings By Fred Boyce done with Oil on Canvas.

A Touch of Light Original – 24×48 – SOLD

Soft rolling shapes cradle sun and shadows at the end of the long hot day.

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Autumn’s Pasture

The old farm captures the way of life now gone in the Washoe Valley

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Carson River Sink Original – 24×36

Light, reflections, and golden sun give the little duck family a wonderful evening together.

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Dancing Reflections Original – 22×28 – SOLD

A river never stays the same. Tonight the light casts long golden shadows to end the perfect day.

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Desert Symphony Original – 20×28

Stark, simple, and striking in beauty, shaped only by forms and shadows.

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Forest Monarchs “SOLD” – 24×36

Like kings or warriors of old they hold the gold of the sun on their side.

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High Desert Lake Original – 24×36

Warm reflections of blue sky and golden bushes reflect in the stillness of this clear cold desert lake.

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Jobs Peak Original – 24×48 – SOLD

Towering above the valley floor Job’s Peak stands in all her majesty.

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Keep Tahoe Blue
Keep Tahoe Blue 18×36 – SOLD

Captures the glory of a perfect summer day at the Lake.

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Majestic Glory Along the River – SOLD

 Size is 22×28 Acrylic    

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Mt. Tom 16×30 – SOLD

The golden carpeted valley lies at the feet of majestic snow-covered peaks of MT. Tom near Bishop, Ca.   Winter is on the way.

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Peaceful Grazers Original – 16×28 – SOLD

All they need belongs to them.  

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Rabbit Brush Parade Original – 20×24

Only one time each year they erupt in a brilliant show to say farewell to summer.

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