Snowy Brook Giclee

The only sound on this freezing winter night is the single song of the brook still moving merrily along.

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Spring Thaw Giclee

Tired, old and worn land rests a few weeks longer under the blaniet given to her for the winter.

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Summers on the Nevada Farm

Smell the alfalfa, hear the wind in the trees, feel the heat of the day, pause and enjoy summer.

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Tahoe Morning

Billowing Clouds, still water , rocks and towering trees all stretch out to meet the light of morning.

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Tahoe Overlook

The path will guide you.  Just follow and she help you wind your way through the forest to the Lake

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Tahoe Quiet Cove

There they are, far out beyond the wind-worn rocks and shoreline studded with tall proud trees..two little sail boats playing in the wind.

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Tahoe Shore

Almost invisible they stand in the shadow enjoying the afternoon breeze and cool of the forest.

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Teton Cathedral

They walk against this Grand majesty with ease and familiarity

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Thomas Creek Reflections

Dancing for no one to see they joyously celebrate the sun and the day.

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Thomas Creek Splendor Giclee

He is perfectly comfortable. He and his girls are in a familiar place and all is well

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Three Antelope on Hill of Gold

The canyon holds the shadows, the ridges cascade with light, the antelope bask in their beautiful home.

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Three Sierra Pines

A trio of dignity and strength stands tall against the backdrop of golden light

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To Catch a Trout

The perfect cast into the perfect water….excited expectation.

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Too Soon Giclee

No sweeter love than a hunter with his dog…no greater joy than starting the day together.

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Truckee in the Sierra

The sweet heat of the Fall afternoon brings them from their shaded cover to the fresh cold water of the Truckee River

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Truckee River Cliffs

Towering, massive and strong enough to send the river another way.

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