Dancing Quakies

How can we soak up such beauty. It seems lavish and even wasteful to last for such a short time. Even the trunks seem to be swaying to the Conductor of the Fall breeze.

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Dancing Reflections

A river never stays the same. Tonight the light casts long golden shadows to end the perfect day.

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Deer in the Quakies

Hidden among the shadows they wonder if we see them. They feel safe with so many places to hide.

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Desert Creek
Desert Creek

Billowing Clouds, still water , rocks and towering trees all stretch out to meet the light of morning.

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Desert Gold Rabbit Brush

Only one time each year they erupt in a brilliant show to say farewell to the summer.

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Desert Symphony

Stark, simple and striking in their beauty, shaped only by forms and shadows.

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Edge of the Quakies

There they stand..like protectors of meadow and stream on a fine sun-filled day.

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Evening Riders

The glory of evenings soft light, easy conversation, a smooth riding horse, and miles to ride make this a perfect evening for all.

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Forest Monarchs

Like kings or warriors of old they hold the gold of the Sun on their sides.

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Jobs Peak

Towering above the valley floor Job's Peak stands in all her majesty.

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Keep Tahoe Blue
Keep Tahoe Blue Giclee

Captures the glory of a perfect summer day at the Lake

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Lady of the Lake

Lady Rose lies with her face to the sky like a Queen on her throne above the valley

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Majestic Cottonwoods

They stand proud against the sky filling the space with their glory.

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Mule Deer Alert

Was it a snapping twig, or a rustle in the grass? Something does not sound safe

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